Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Turn The Page Tuesday #3

And we're back!;)  It is week three of "Turn The Page Tuesday"and I don't know about you all, but I am enjoying it! I love books: buying them, reading them, and seeing my children enjoy them. Here is a look back at the first two weeks in case you missed them:

 I hope you all had a smooth transition into the new work week! Our week is in full swing and its a busy one. Wyatt has his first soccer practice tonight!!!!! I am so excited. When we called all of the parents, they all were all so sweet and seem excited as well. I think his first soccer season will be great! I will be taking LOTS of pictures...so get ready;) Tomorrow I am posting my "Fall Bucket List", thanks to Suzanne over at Fit Minded Mom. She posted hers last week and I told her I was stealing the idea;)

Now onto my book choice for this week.....
The Story of Ferdinand
By: Munro Leaf

This was a story that my Grandma, my mom's mother, read to me when I was little. My mom is one of ten children and I am one of 34 grandchildren. We used to go up to her room at night and all get in her bed and she would read as much as we asked her to. Even if she read the same book again and again. I will be sharing another classic series of stories she read, soon! I tell my boys about how I was read to as a child and how much I loved this book!

Ferdinand is a bull that grows big and strong. He is not your average bull, however. While all the other bulls fight each other, he enjoys relaxing under the tree, enjoying the sunshine. He knew he would never be picked to go fight in Madrid, and he was okay with that. He enjoyed his life. One day, while the men scouting for bulls walked by, Ferdinand was stung by a bee. He goes thrashing and kicking and butting. These men decide quickly that he is the bull to get! Ferdinand is brought to the ring to fight, and turns out, he isn't the bull they think he is. He is still the sweet and mellow Ferdinand.


Time for you to link up with your book of the week! Have an awesome Tuesday and come back tomorrow for my Fall Bucket List!!!:)


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