Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turn The Page Tuesday Kick Off!

Happy Tuesday!! It is finally here! Our Turn The Page Tuesday link up party has begun! 

My best friend Amanda, of "Dancing Through Motherhood", and I decided to start a link up party for children's books! All you have to do is link up with us on Tuesday with a post of your favorite children's book. It will be a great source of books for you...whether you need a gift, an idea for a library rental, or one for your personal collection. Hopefully it will help break up the monotony of reading the same book night after night:)

My first choice for our first "Turn The Page Tuesday" is:
The Gruffalo
By:Julia Donaldson
This one is read in my house on a weekly basis. My three year old, Wyatt, loves this book!!! It has absolutely beautiful illustrations and is very well written. It isn't too long yet it isn't too short. One thing I love about this book is that it has a movie to go along with it. Wyatt loves to be able to watch a book "play out" after reading it. This movie, as well as "The Gruffalo's Child", are both out in your local red box! BONUS!:)

In the story, Mouse is strolling through the woods and come in contact with a few predators;) While trying to get out of being eaten, he decides to convince them he has a lunch date with a Gruffalo! Just as he convinces them and sneaks away, he finds there is actually a Gruffalo!!!!

What time of day do you like to read?

I am so excited we have finally launched this link up party! I want to thank Amanda for all of her hard work:) Without her computer smarts, we wouldn't be here!;) 
The rest of the week is busy which should be interesting with this tropical storm we are about to get. For those of you in the gulf region, stay safe!

Now go grab your button, and LINK UP with us!!! Here is a little more on "Turn The Page Tuesday!

Happy Reading! RL

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