Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a great week! It has been really busy here and I am ready for the weekend. I will be honest with you, my blogging is going to subside for a bit. I started to realize how much time was being put into it, and days just aren't long enough. My time with the Lord in my bible study is what I want my extra time to go to. I usually only have that time in the early morning as the afternoons and evenings are BUSY. I do love to blog, so don't worry you will still see me:) There just may be weeks where I don't get to blog much....especially now that the holidays are here:) eek! Speaking of holidays, yes, I am the annoying "listens to Christmas music after Halloween" person;) I LOVE the holidays and am so excited they are here. I have my Christmas list up and running and shopping has begun!!! I even received some Black Friday early bird ads this week. This year is going to be a good Black Friday day! This year Weston and I will be able to shop ALONE as my in-laws will be here and offered to keep the boys. This is HUGE because Weston and I are the ones who stand in the Target line at 3am;) And there are stores we hit all morning. I am so excited this year, because I have gotten a head start on gift ideas!!! My mom and I ate at a new restaurant here in DeRidder this week. OH MY was it amazing!!! I can't believe it took us this long to go. Two Sisters Deli and Pecan House is right down the road from us. They are a deli so they serve things like soups, salads, baked potatoes, and sandwiches. Everything is made fresh daily and so are their desserts! I had the pulled pork BBQ sandwich and a bowl of homemade chicken-n-dumplins. Hands down the BEST dumplins I've had other than my Grammies! I forgot to take a picture, but we are headed there this weekend so I will try and snap some shots! If you noticed they are a "pecan house". They make about 20 different kinds of homemade pecans, from bourbon praline to cajun. My mom got three different types for my step-dad and he LOVED them! It is run by a bunch of older women, which as you know, those are the ones who can cook. So, now we have our main go-to place here in D-town;) One more reason I love living in a small southern town!This is is my flashback for this Friday! This was Wyatt at Halloween last year. Poor Eli was stroller stricken behind him;)  

We have a beautiful park here in our town. Every year they set up a huge trick or treating trail. They sell food, treats, etc. and provide people to hand out candy to the kids. Its perfect because we just walk through the park for about an hour, the kids get their fill, and we head home:) I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween next week!

See you on Monday for some weekend recap! We are having football Saturday with some new friends this weekend. I am looking forward to getting to know a couple new military wives! These guys are my hubby's closest friends at work and their wives are so sweet. Sunday we have our pumpkin patch day (finally;)) with my precious friend Jenn and her family! Cannot wait!:)
Happy Weekend!
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