Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Turn The Page Tuesday: Week 4

I hope you all had a great start to your week! Our Monday was pretty typical. Monday is always my cleaning day. I like to get my entire house done so I don't have anything to worry about during the week. We also had our friends Kayla and Tray, and their boys, for dinner! I made lasagna and she brought a delicious blueberry pie! There is something about making and baking pies in the fall...its so comforting. 
What comforts you during the Fall season?
Now its Tuesday and I have some serious sewing to knock out today!! Wyatt also has his second soccer practice tonight. They get their uniforms at practice and his first game is Saturday morning:)  Tuesday also means its time for another "Turn The Page Tuesday!"  I hope you all got your books ready, and can link up with Amanda and I today!!:) 

Squirrel's Fall Search
By:Anita Loughrey

The boys just got this book a couple weeks ago, and it was perfect timing. It is a 
cute book on "Fall" and what the season looks like.

In this story, squirrel and his brother are playing in the woods. They
decide to go search for nuts and get separated in the process. This is a story
of how they find each other and a delicious snack of nuts.

I really like this book for the reason above:) I love the little activities and 
the "Fall" suggestions. It gives an idea for using pumpkins, 
and also what to do and look for on a fall walk!


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Amanda Gulden said...

That book looks so cute! I love books that are more than just books!