Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lucky Finds

Every so often while shopping we all come across a lucky find! My sister and I were shopping and stopped into World Market! LOVE WM!!!! Might have to go back before I head home;) I happened to walk by the "Clearance" table and this was market for $8.00!

Score! I have been wanting to add this sign to my laundry room but hadn't found one less than $20. This is not only already painted white and distressed but it has hooks to hang clothes on! Yes please!:)

This just reminds me that if I dont find what I'm looking for, just have a little patience, and I will find it eventually and usually on sale;)

Hope you all are having a GREAT Saturday! If you know of any good deals that you ran across this weekend, please let us in on the secret;)
God Bless You,

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