Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healthy Baby Snack+Quick Biscuit Recipe

Happy Wednesday! Ive been trying to find more variety in my snacks for the boys, and thought I would share an easy and yummy one:)


Sliced Banana with WF Cherry and Flaxseed Granola

Happy Baby Hands:)

I also thought I would share a quick, easy, and cheap biscuit recipe! My Grandma gave me this one a while back, and I use it instead of buying frozen breads or rolls. It is so easy and is GREAT for breakfast:)
Muffin Biscuits
2 Cups Self-Rising Flour
(Whole Wheat or White)
1/4 Cup Crisco 
(Give or take for Crustier Outside)
1 Cup Buttermilk or Milk

Put flour into a mixing bowl, and work in your Crisco. By working in, you use a fork and mash your Crisco in with your flour until it is "pea-size". Then add your milk. Your batter should be thick, yet creamy. This makes about 12 biscuits. Add your biscuit mix to your greased Cupcake baking pan, and bake on 375 degrees for about 12-15 mins. These are great for breakfast-you can add some cinnamon and sugar and make a sweet biscuit with some easy frosting, add some eggs and sausage for a little more heartiness. These are perfect for dinner with any meal you may be making. I am a big bread eater, so I usually make these a couple times a week!

We've had a busy week-Even with having two days at home, I have had so much to do! We are picking up my Mother in Law tomorrow, and then heading out this weekend for our Couples Retreat!!!! I am soooo excited! I will blog about that later this week!

Have a blessed day....

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Kara said...

I made these biscuits tonight, and they were fabulous! I almost had dinner ready and was wishing we had a bread, then I remembered your recipe and looked it up. Thanks for sharing!