Sunday, January 29, 2012

Books to Share

As many "Mom" friends as I have following my blog, I thought I would share the books we checked out at the library this week! I highly recommend taking your kids to your local public library! They have a blast and for those of you who read books on a daily basis, it gives you the opportunity to not read the same books all the time;) I actually really enjoy going because I love finding books that I used to love reading when I was little. It really is amazing going in there and seeing the huge selection! I hope my kids read more than I did, and enjoy it! Here are our check-outs from this week:

I think I have enjoyed these more than the boys;) Hope your family does to:)


Anna @ IHOD said...

Strega Nona is a childhood favorite. We also love the give a mouse a cookie series.
Will have to check these others out!

BryanRYoungs said...

I must have read The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs a hundred times when I was younger. When I found it at the library and read it to my son he wanted to read it a hundred more. I happily obliged.