Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Blessings

There are always small things around me that I know are "Little Blessings" from God. Things I realize are proof that we are where we are meant to be. One thing I always worry about when moving to a new place is finding new friends and meeting new people. When we moved to Texas I met the most amazing people: neighbors, church go-ers, fellow Army spouses, and now my closest friends. Moving here to Louisiana has been such a blessing already. We had some friends move from Ft. Hood with us, we have a great sunday school teacher and have already met a really nice couple. Our Army family is amazing here, and the Commander and his wife are VERY involved and have a lot planned. It's like talking to a family member! They just arrived when we did, so everyone will be new at our first Ornament exchange in a couple weeks! I also started BSF again a couple weeks ago and I have the BEST leader and women in my class. Sheila is our leader and she texts throughout the week. I have met some other mom's with kids my age and we are planning some "play dates" for our boys. I am utterly amazed at God's blessings and the perfect life he has blessed me with!

So far, Louisiana is another GREAT duty station:) I will update later with Thanksgiving, taking the boys to the Christmas train downtown, and our house at Christmas time:)So EXCITED I can finally say....

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