Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little Brag

I just had to brag today because my heart has been reminded of why I LOVE my husband so much. I went to the commissary yesterday with the boys. Those of you with kids, especially more than one, know how trying of a task that can be. They had one of the "car" buggies, so I let the boys ride in that. Yes, it is rather bulky, however, I am HANDS FREE, and the boys entertain eachother and cannot go anywhere:) So, it is soooo worth it and makes for a happy shopping trip = happy momma and completed grocery list!

As I was rounding the corner to go to the next aisle, here comes Weston!!!!:) He got a break from work and decided to come help me at the commissary. WHAT.A.MAN. Not only that, but he pushed the cart, fed baby snacks, and kept the happy! He could have done a million things in his hour break:: PX, eat lunch in QUIET, workout, etc. BUt he surprised me and gave me a little break. After we unloaded the groceries at the checkout counter, he took the boys to the car, got them in their car seats, and started the a/c. I LOVE THAT MAN and cannot believe how blessed I am.

Thanks for letting my have "a little brag" moment:) Here is one of my fav pictures of us...

Happy Wednesday~

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Amanda said...

I know I am hormonal right now but this post brought a little tear to my eye! I miss you all!!!