Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainy Days!

I woke up to rain this morning, and although I can't go on my walk, I LOVE IT. We don't get much rain here in Texas, so bring it on!!! Going to make a yummy soup for dinner, and enjoy the night. For those of you who have taste in television, SONS OF AMARCHY premieres tonight!! Weston and I have been waiting since May to start the next season. We are a little obsessed...I cannot wait until 9pm! FX, here we come!

We had such a wonderful weekend. Friday we just worked around the house. Saturday, of course, was Georgia v. LA-Lafayette. We smoked a pork butt, and had some friends over. Sunday morning we went on a walk early, actually ended up walking too long and were late for church, but really ejoyed it. Sunday night we went with some fun friends to Central Texas Fair. We had a great time. Monday we hung around the house, finished up stuff for the week, and did some organizing. Weston gets antsy by about day 3 of a holiday weekend, so he did a lot of projects this weekend. Can't complain...our house looks better:)

Wyatt is obviously asleep when Weston runs and does PT in the am. But, this weekend when Weston would leave to run, he would cry at the driveway until he came back. So sad. He is going through that seperation stage:(

Still praying for my friends whose husbands are deployed!

Okay going to light my fall candles and enjoy this day!!

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