Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Kicks!

I am visiting my family, and will blog when I get home this week! Just thought I would blog this.... I am feeling the baby kick! It isn't very much, but little teeny flutters every so often! I LOVE IT!



Danelle Ezell said...

so awesome :)

Mary Lindsey said...

That is amazing! I remember where I was when I felt both Harper kick for the first time & the boys kick. There are noooo words to describe it!

Thanks for your post & honesty. It really is encouraging to know there is another mom in the trenches with me! I'm praying for you as you are in re-entry mode as well. Hang in there girl, it will settle down again. We had a much better day today - Praise the Lord!!!

I seriously think that little boys are way more difficult to parent when they are little (tons of energy/ exploring/ etc)...they take lots of energy to keep up with! Goodness!

Oh, and don't worry about that nice little squeeze you gave him... he needed to know you were serious!!! You are a great mama... cant wait to see who this next little one is going to be!!!

Love you girl