Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny Days

I am happy to say we are into Spring and Sun! I am so glad we are coming into warmer days. It feels even better this year, because this is the season for Weston coming home!! We have had beautiful days lately. Wyatt and I have been taking lots of walks and doing lots of outside projects:) I am excited for planting season this year. Weston and I have a lot of plans for our yard. I do have to say I am glad he will be back to do the yard work. The snakes did me in last year:(

We have a lot of summer trips planned. We are going to spend time with both family and friends. We are going to Sanibel Island, Myrtle Beach, Indiana, Virginia, and maybe more:) We will be celebrating my Dad's 50th birthday, a friends wedding, and our 4 year anniversary! This year brings many happy days! I am so thankful.

God has really shown me a lot lately. I have really been praying about some personal issues, and he has taught me a lot about myself and who I rely on. He is the only one I can truly rely on. As humans we will be let down and we will let others down. I am thankful everyday for my relationship with Christ and that I am eternally saved.

Wyatt has been a little rascal lately. He has been making new faces. The newest is the glare I get when he doesn't like something I say. It is literally a look like "who do you think you are." It is difficult sometimes to hold back the laughs:) He is talking more and has started running. The other day I was singing "Jesus Loves Me", and "Jesus Loves the little Children", and he started "singing" along. It made my heart happy.

We are gliding right through March, and I cannot wait for April!


Tootie said...

I ran across your post because you mentioned Sanibel in it, which is where I live.

Your little boy is precious and I know your husband will be sooo happy to get back home to you both. Thanks to him and to you for your sacrifices. I hope the three of you make it to Sanibel soon. :)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Doesn't the spring make you so happy?! We have a lot of travel time this summer too...lots of weddings!

I couldn't agree with you more...Christ is the only one we can rely on to never let us down and love us unconditionally....that gets me through so much!

Lots of love to your family!