Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy and Me Swim Class

Wyatt and I have started taking a swim class. It is a class for him and I, and it is so much fun. It is a swim class for parent and child to do swimming together! We are taking classes on post(FT.Hood), and because Weston is deployed we get 4 free classes. Therefore, we are taking FREE swim classes!! Another great benefit to being in the Army:) You can only use them during a deployment, and we hit it just in time to use all four classes. So, we are taking classes thru May 12th!!!

We had our first class on Monday and it was halarious:) At first he was of course a little skeptical...Then, all of a sudden he was the next Michael Phelps. He was splashing and laughing..trying to get everyone to look at him. We are practicing a few basic water skills for the kids to learn before they get into atual swim lessons. We are learning how to "blow bubbles", "stroke our arms", and "kick our legs". I am thoroughly enjoying watching Wyatt. He is catching on faster than I thought, and if nothing else we are getting some good excercise. And trust me, it is excercise:)

Audrey and Harrison are in town, and so he recorded a lot of the class yesterday. I posted some videos for Weston on FB, and am so glad I was able to catch it. I plan on getting a video at the end of the classes to see how much he has learned. I will keep you posted:)


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Danielle said...

Clayton and I took that same class last year right before we moved and we loved it!