Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ready for Warm!

I am more than ready for Weston to be home, but I am also sooo ready for Spring. This has been a strange winter for lots of people. There have been ice storms and snow where there usually isn't. I have seen more snow than I care to see. I am so ready for it to be hot Texas weather again. Although, that does mean snake season again, and that I don't know if I can handle:)

Weston leaves Afghanistan saturday, so pray from swift and safe arrival. I am literally on pins and needles...I CAN'T WAIT!

I am about to start Wyatt's first year scrapbook. I have all the scrapbooking stuff I need, I just have to sit down and go through pictures. My goal is to hit everything we did, and how he grew the first year. Weston and I have some things we want to do while he is home. One thing is putting some shelves in his room for so keepsake items.

Weston and I are in the market for a new family vehicle. We are planning on test driving and narrowing the playing field while in Austin. We are going to take advantage of being alone and test drive some of the cars we really like. We are looking at the Pathfinder, Lexus, Acadia, and Explorer. I am leaning toward the Pathfinder. Anyone have any suggestions?

I will try to post some while Weston is home, but I know time will fly, and this may get kicked to the curb for a couple weeks.:)

The next time I blog I may have my hubby with me:)

Love to you all,

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Rachael said...

I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It is the perfect size- I think the midsized SUV's are just no big enough- especially if you are having 2 or more kids.