Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love, Laughter, and Tears

This has been quite a week...

First off, the tragedy at Fort Hood left everyone here devastated. I was in shock and disbelief, and was completely brokenhearted. I sometimes cannot fathom how someone can do such a horrific act. It was so surreal when the news broke. I couldn't believe this had happened at our home. My heart breaks for the families of loved ones lost. Thank the Lord, literally, for him being God. My God. He gives me hope, peace, comfort, rest, satisfaction...I know that my God will show the same to all of those who come to him. Please rememeber those who pay the price for our freedom. Those who leave their families to defend something they so strongly love. Those whose spouses stay back and carry the weight of life without them. This Veteran's day, I am proud. I am proud of all soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines. I am especially proud of mine.

On a lighter note, my precious baby brings me so much joy. I am amazed eveyrday at how he can make me laugh. One of the things I miss about Weston is his ability to always keep me laughing. Now, with him away, Wyatt is filling Daddy's shoes pretty well;) We are almost done with breastfeeding, and I am really having a hard time letting it go. It is such a beautiful, precious gift from God. I cannot believe my time with Wyatt is over. I have enjoyed every second.

Weston is doing just fine. We are on the downward slope, everyone!!!! 98 days until he is home for RandR. Then just about 8 weeks and he is home for good. Wow, I finally feel like we are over the hard hurdles. Once Christmas comes, it will be time for him to be home!

We will be making the trip home to Ga this holiday season, and Wyatt and I will be at my Grampa's house for our family Christmas. I cannot wait. I do not get to see my family during the holidays and am really excited for Wyatt to meet his uncles and aunts. The only thing missing is Weston, and he would love being there, as well.

Staying busy from here on out, but I will keep you all involved along the way! Count down with me....98 days!!!!!

Love you all!

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