Monday, July 27, 2009

Wyatt crawled to Weston

My precious baby is officially crawling. I cannot believe he has been on this earth for almost 10 months(and no I cannot say a year because it is too scary:))He is now army crawling-I know how appropriate-and he is getting so big. I decided today to put the laptop on the floor while I was Skyping with Weston, and put Wyatt on the floor, too. As soon as he heard Weston say "Come to Daddy Wyatt", he started crawling to Weston. It was incredible! I have never witnessed a more precious moment between father and son. Weston was so excited and so proud. Wyatt had the biggest grin on his face and he knew his Daddy was watching. I miss him so much, especailly at times like these, but I feel so blessed to be where we are-Content in God's will.

Weston is doing well. He is really enjoying his job, and is getting to see amazing things. He tells me everyday that he has so many stories to tell me. He reminded me today that we are 1/4 of the way done! WAHOO! For those of you who are military, you know that 1/4 is HUGE;) And I do have to say it has gone by quicker than I thought-GOD IS GOOD!;)

Everything else is going well. I can't believe the summer is almost over..yikes! It is August! YAY~ On a sad note, I lost my precious Grampa about 2 weeks ago. He was an extremely important person in my life and I can't imagine life without him. He had been sick for a long time, and I do have to say, I am so glad he is at peace. I know he is hoppin' around heaven, cancer free, and loving on some family. I was not able to make it to his funeral due to a few hindrances, but am thankful I saw him 2 weeks before. He was still doing well enough to sit out on the porch and enjoy Wyatt and I. My gramma said that he talked about Wyatt all the time after we left. He even thought I might have fed him too much:) He was/is so precious and I miss him more than he knows. But, I am going to VA and GA for about a week and a half on the 6th of August, so I will be able to see his gravesite and visit with my Gramma.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers through this deployment. Weston and I both know how much we are loved and thought of. God has already shown us both so much, and I am so beyond joyful of how much our relationship has grown. I love my precious husband more today than yesterday. And I see him more and more through God's eyes..I am so in love with him!

We Love you all!

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The Jordan's said...

Wow, Rachel! Your commitment and positive attitude are encouraging to me as a fellow army wife. I honestly have never seen someone so content and at peace during a tough time such as deployments. Your attitude displays your relationship with Christ, and how He has given you ever promise written. I pray I can be as positive as you when we endure our deployment.

Also, when reading your comment about Wyatt crawling to Weston, my eyes began to tear up. Precious memory.