Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Time!

It is officially HOT in Texas! I can't complain because I love the pool and the heat;) I can't believe it has already been a month and a half since Weston left. I am glad it is going by fast! God has been ever patient with me, and has given me all he promises! I am a slow learner, but know he will get me through this and I will be better for it!

Wyatt just turned 8 MONTHS OLD! Oh my goodness, my baby, is getting so big;( I told Weston I just want to get in a corner and cry! I want him to stay little and stop growing:) He is doing great, though. He is eating plenty of solid foods. I am making his food from scratch. I steam fruits and vegetables and then puree them and he loves it! It makes me feel better that he is getting pure food that has all the good nutrients God made. He hasn't started crawling, yet, but I am not pushing it too much. He can get where he wants to go, but it isn't crawling. He reaches out for me now, which is indescribable. He knows me as momma and reaches out to me all the time. It is amazing! He has recently started hugging me real tight and gripping on me and my clothes when I hold him. He laughs all the time, and still is such a content, happy, baby. He misses Daddy, and always smiles and coos when he sees him.

Weston is doing great! We miss eachother terribly, but cannot wait for him to come home in February for R&R! He is amazing! I am in awe every day at how wonderful God has blessed me, and how much more I love Weston everyday, and God for picking him for me! He has been pretty busy lately, but is surrounded by friends, and that makes it more like home. Right now we talk, if not every day, then every other day. It may be on Skype or just a phone call, but I don't complain-it could be so much worse! I send him lots of letters and things from me and Wyatt. I send him a care package about every few weeks, and the letters in between he really loves.

Everything back here in Texas is great. We are trying to stay busy, and are about to head to Va for a family visit and then to SC for the beach! Thank you all SO much for the prayers! Keep them coming, and know how much you are loved and appreciated for them!

God Bless our Troops, God Bless the Army, and God Bless America!
Rachel and Wyatt

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The Fountains said...

Reading your blog makes me feel like you are not so far away! I cannot believe your baby boy is 8 months old. Tell him Auntie Erin says to stop it before she sees him again. I miss you dearly. You are my inspiration, and I am amazed by your steadiness! I love you!