Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Chuggin' Along

Well, I am now into my third and final trimester...YIKES!..I can't believe it is already this far in. I am 28 going on 29 weeks pregnanct and still loving it! I had my 25 week appointment last week and my glucose test. Both of which went well, and nothing to report other than a healthy momma and baby.This little rascal has taken kicking and moving to a whole new, much more pleasing level. I am utterly amazed at how miraculous this experience is. I love being pregnant and being able to feel everything. I have been able to feel complete movements from one side to another, and continuous kicks, jolts, and punches!

We started our Child birthing class tonight, and that was quite exciting. We were both exhausted but it was good to be there and a little scary:)Next week we learn breathing techniques and we will also have a tour around L& D the week after.

No complaints. Still working. Getting a little less flexible and a little bit more uncomfortable. But that is life being pregnant and working with 3 year olds.

Weight Gain: 14 pounds
Food Aversions: Fried Foods, Chinese
Cravings: Coke, fruit, hearty meals
Kicks: TONS
Baby's weight: 2 1/2 pounds
Swelling: none, but some days after work I notice a little difference in my feet
Appetite: PLENTY

I will continue to let you know what comes about...It's getting so close!

We love you!
Rachel and Weston

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