Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting a little less comfy!:)

Well, I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, still feel great, but I am definitely feeling PREGNANT! I left work yesterday and felt like the baby had a grip around a nerve in my back..ouch! No could be much worse- I just hope I don't get pay back when Labor comes for having a smooth pregnancy:)Everything is going great! Baby is moving all the time. He/she will move in one spot of my stomach and it will look like I have a tumor on the side of my tummy. I can feels kicks and punches, and every so often, I feel a jolt down in the bladder region-this one will hunch me over pretty quick:) I am already biased! I have the most adorable, precious baby..EVER! I go in next week for my 28 week check up and my Glucola test. My belly is ever growing, and seems like it gets bigger by the day! I had to go buy some more maternity clothes..some that were a little cooler. It has been in the upper 90's and 100's here in Texas. Not so comfortable when you are almost 7 months pregnant! However, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!!!!I am still at a weight gain of about 14 pounds(give or take). I am trying really hard, but all I crave is what I shouldn't eat, so I have to seriously control that. Coke is still my best friend-I promise it is the cure to every pregnancy ailment-well, that is what I tell myself. I do not buy it for my house, because that is all I would drink. But, anytime we go out- Coke here I come! I haven't had any swelling, yet, and hope that will postpone itself until the very end. I am still working on my excercises, and going swimming when I can.

I just took the teaching position at the Preschool I work at, so I am a little busy, but it is nice to have my own class and do things how I want to. I will be taking 6 weeks of when the baby comes, but then I plan on going back to work for a little while because the baby can come with me.

I will update nect week after my appointment, and have a feeling that from this point on, I will have lots more to talk about!!!:)

God Bless and Much Love,
Rach and Wes

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