Sunday, August 17, 2008

L&D Visit!

Well, I just survived the 24 hour flu! It was miserable! On Wednesday I took Weston to the airport-he flew to Ft, Benning for work- and was fine the rest of the day! I woke up on Thursday and it was down hill from there! I had already been real tired the previous week, and I think my body was just on low. Two people at my school had just gotten over a bug and sure enough-I got it! I couldn't eat or drink anything, and was worried about getting dehydrated, so I called up to Labor and Delivery and the nurse told me to come in. I was so nauseated I could barely sit up. Perfect time for Weston to be gone:( I was so nervous and felt so bad, but I went and thank goodness I did. They were able to give me a Phenergren shot and some other medication to help the nausea and help me sleep. I didn't have to be admitted or given any fluids, but better safe than sorry! I had a friend pick me up from the hospital and take me back home. I slept the rest of the day and laid around all day friday! My body really needed that. So, I survived and hope to never have the bug while I am pregnant again!Other than that little episode, I am doing great! Baby is growing like crazy! This little rascal moves, turns, kicks, and spins all the time!! We have a very active child! Still doing good on my weight, haven't seen any stretch marks, and getting more nervous about birth. I know how this stuff works, but when it is you, it is a whole other story...We started our Birthing class two weeks ago. That is going well, and very informative. Not much I haven't seen or heard. This week we are taking our L&D tour and getting more familiar with the hospital and the way things will run when it is baby time! SCARY.....I am 30 weeks and being 7 months pregnant has its interesting moments. I am starting to get more uncomfortable and definitely have no room for my previous clothes. I am getting more and more anxious to see this little sweet baby and get the hard part over with. I still feel so blessed and I love being pregnant...althought that feeling is slowly getting less...:)My next appointment is The first of September, and we will have just gotten back from Georgia. We are going to visit our families for Labor Day. Cannot wait!Love From Texas,Wes, Rach, and Baby


rlayfield1 said...

Hey Rachel- So glad you are better! Hopefully, you will be well for the remainder of your pregnancy--and you have taken such good care of yourself and are so healthy, I am sure that is why you got this far without being sick, but teaching a class full of little ones does introduce lots of little bugs and one of them made you sick, but we are going to think that is the end of anything like that! I am so glad you went on to the hospital. I think it is better to be on the safe side.
Can't wait to hear about your L&D tour.You are going to do great, so don't worry about anything...because it all works out fine and you have God looking after you, your husband by your side and the love of your whole family...and then all of a sudden you and Weston will be holding your little miracle. Love you, Jane

Anonymous said...

I had the flu too! IT WAS HORRIBLE... I am glad to see you survived it! I can't believe how close you are...can you?! Stay positive, and update your blog more often, I love to read it! Are you and Wes taking any classes, or no? We can't decide if we should!
Rachael Copponex