Thursday, July 10, 2008

We have an active baby!!

I am so sorry it has been longer this time since I have put up a new post. Everything is still going great!! We have been super busy with family coming in, which was a blessing, and work. In the last month we had my parents, his parents, my dad, and his brother....crazy, but wonderful! It really makes us feel loved that our families took the time to come out here! Anyways, I am 25 weeks...yay...and counting...6 months pregnant is soo much fun! This little rascal I have growing inside of me doesn't even realize how much we already love him/her!! I am at the point of amazment, realizing that this sweet thing is going to look like me and weston. I still cannot believe that I am pregnant and going to have our baby in a few months..or less:) I still feel great- I have gained about 11 pounds, trying really hard to ignore my cravings(for the most part), and excercise when I can. I still have lots of energy, but this belly is definitely getting in the way:) It is harder to get comfy at night, and my bladder is getting smaller by the day. I can tell by the end of the work day that I am tired, because my tummy skin will ache...its like it is stretching, and tired of holding all of my tummy up. Weston is sooo excited and keeps saying he is ready to have the baby here, although we are enjoying our last few months of the single married life. I go in on July 28th for my 28 week appointment. I will also be doing my Glucola Test. This basically tests how fast your body metabloizes sugar. We start our Child Birthing Class on Aug 4th-I am excited about that because it is something we can both do together. My breastfeeding class is in Oct. I am looking forward to the hospital tour and learning what to do when in labor. Other than that, nothing is new, baby is growing and healthy, and we are more and more excited to meet him or her!!!

Love to All,
Wes and Rach

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Heather said...

Rachel -

I am enjoying reading about your pregnancy journey! You are adorable and I know this little one will be such a blessing to you! He/she already is - I can tell.

I have one word of advice ... cherish cherish cherish (that's 3 words - hahahaha) every single moment of pregnancy and life of this little one!!! I wish I had known that with my first (Lydia) ... if I could go back and do it over that is the one this I would change. I would have cherished every single moment. Even those middle-of-the-night-I-am-too-tired-for-this moments :)

What a blessing! Looking forward to hearing more :)

~Heather (Murray - in case you don't know it's me!)