Monday, June 23, 2008


I wish I were smart enough to put the ultrasound pictures on this thing, but I don't have a clue!! Everything was great!!! What an amazing memory and special time with Weston! We loved every minute of seeing the baby and seeing for sure it was healthy and it was really in there! No, we did not find out the sex:) The baby was healthy, nice and big, and growing like crazy! We got great pictures, and a beautiful shot of the profile! I go in for my intro appointment to my new hospital this week, and then I will be going in for my 24 week appointment! My Dad and his girlfriend Theresa got us our stroller this week, so that will be in soon! Can't wait for that. She is a great addition to our family, and is so excited to be a gramma, too! She and Dad got us lots of good baby stuff!! Other than that, I am feeling great, and LOVING being pregnant!!! It is amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone:)

We love you all!!!
Wes and Rach

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rlayfield1 said...

Rachel- Thank you so much for sending us the ultrasound pictures today. Richard and I were amazed to see the sweet, beautiful little face, and I do believe he or she already has hair!!!
We can't wait and are so excited and blessed. You are going to be a wonderful mother and Weston is going to be a great dad. Your baby, our grand baby, is so fortunate to have you as parents.
Love you all! -Jane