Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Energetic Baby!

We have one energetic baby! I am so happy and blessed to be able to be a mommmy! This baby has been kicking up a storm since about a month ago. I am over 5 months, and still loving every minute of being pregnant! Tomorrow is our first ultrasound!!! WOOHOO! I cannot wait! We are not finding out the sex, but it will be amazing to see our baby and how he or she is coming along! I have a serious belly on me, and I love that too! My weight gain is right on, as of now, at least, and it is my goal to stay on target! We are still getting the nursery set up. There are a few ideas that we want to do in the baby's room,so I am working on that! The baby will be a pound in weight in about 2 weeks, and we will see tomorrow how he or she looks...I might have a tall baby;) I will let you know how tomorrow goes!

Food aversions: Chinese and Mexican food(which I don't like anyways, really)
Food cravings: Coke;) and Subway!
Baby kicking: LOTS!!!
Daddy has felt and seen the baby kick!! Yay for him!

Will keep you updated on tomorrow~!
Love Wes and Rach

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