Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Kicks!

I am 18 weeks going on 19! I am in such an amazing part of this pregnancy. I am enjoying this more than I could have imgagined and still can't believe I will be having our baby in a few months. Everything is going great! I had a doctor's appointment about 2-3 weeks ago, and everything was great. I go next week for my next appointment. My mom will be in town, so she will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat! Weston and I have been getting the baby's room ready...well, really Weston has:) He is amazing and is so excited! I am definitely feeling and looking pregnant, which I am personally really excited about! There really is no better feeling. It is getting really hot in Texas so that will be interesting the more pregnant I get.
I felt the baby kick for the first time on Monday night. Gramma and Grampa Layfield were here and that was neat for them. It is not what I was BETTER! I can feel little tiny thumps is what is feels like. Although, until you have a baby, you can't really understand. It is an amazing feeling and I have felt it ever since. I have to sit really still and pay attention, but I can definitely feel him or her kicking away:)
I have my baby shower back home on Sunday. I am really excited to see everyone and finally start getting things to prepare for the baby! In the next few weeks Weston and I are goin to get the stroller, so I am sure that will be another interesting night!:)
My weight has stayed in the normal range. I still have only gained about 7-8 pounds, but you gain most of your weight at the end, so the less now, the better I guess. The baby is about the size of my palm and is growing lots right now. I will be half way through my pregnancy next week..YIKES! It is so exciting and I can't believe it has gone this fast. I am really enjoying being pregnant!
Thanks for keeping up with us and our journey! And thanks to all of you who send gifts for our precious baby, and thanks to those who come to the shower!

Love to All,
Wes, Rach, and Baby Layfield

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rlayfield1 said...

Hey Rachel and Weston-
We had such a great time visiting you last week -just got home and miss ya'll already. Your house (and the way you have both decorated it) is beautiful, and the baby's room is adorable... and so sweet. You have both done a wonderful job! Rach, you are really looking pregnant and you look great. We are so excited for you and all of us--we are blessed!
We love you, Jane and Richard
p.s. it was fun thinking about names with ya'll! Keep us posted!