Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Baby Baby!

I am so excited! I am really looking forward to seeing our baby and seeing what he/she looks like...amazing! Still feeling good. My belly is definitely out there. I went this week to Target and got some maternity shorts. It isn't cause I am that big yet, but I am big enough where my pants cut off my air and circulation, especially at work with kids. I needed something that would be flexible and loose. I am going to try them out and maybe go back and get another pair. On days I am not working, I am fine to wear my clothes, but being up and down with way! Working in a school makes me see how I want to raise my kids and not raise my kids. Being around them really opens your eyes...although I have been around them all my life. I go to the doctor on the 14th and will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat!!! Oh my gosh, I am so excited! This will be my first appointment since Misoouri and it is much needed! I want to know where I am and what's going on! I will be 16 weeks on Friday, so I am anxious to be in my fourth month and maybe start feeling the baby makes some soft movements. My book said that at this point the sex of the baby is clear and visible...yikes..I wonder what it will be? My neigbor and Nicole think it's a girl, and everyone else thinks its a boy...we'll see!:)

Weight Gain: 4-5 pounds
Cravings: more sweets than I would like
Foods that gross me out: not really much other than some fish
No stretch marks..yet;(
Prentals: The devil
Excerise: Getting better
Grandparents:SO EXCITED!!

Talk to you in a few days!!!
Love to all!
Weston and Rachel..and baby!

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Mom said...

Dear child,

I cannot wait to see you this week and to talk to my grandchild.

I am proud of you and Wes, youre doing a great job with everything in Temple!

Love you,