Sunday, April 27, 2008

2nd Trimester!

I am officially in my second of three trimesters. It is crazy to think that in about 5 months I will be having a baby! Nothing much to report here. We are finally settled in to our new home. We started on the babies room last week. Weston and I (well really weston) put the baby's bed together. Actually, it was a really easy bed to put together. I had already washed all the sheets and bed items, so everything is ready to go. Although, I will wash the bed sheets and stuff again right before baby gets here. On Monday the changing table arrives, so that will make the room a little more complete. I have an old cute shelf that we got from my mom that we are going to repaint. Eventually we will get the glider and ottoman. We will start the painting process a little ways down the road. Right now it is just nice to have the house settled and clean. I don't want to get into another project quite yet.
I started my new job last week. I had been praying for a job that would be something I could still keep after the baby if we wanted to. I had really been worried about it, because I want to work as much as possible until the baby gets here. I went in last week and interviewed at a Baptist Church right down the road. After the interview, the Director said she had been praying about hiring someone and felt I was that someone. I also, had prayed that morning and felt that I was exactly where God wants me to be. I feel as though I am carrying out his will for my life right now. Although teaching isn't my niche, this is definitely where God wants me, and after my Maternity leave, the Baby will come with me to work. I am a Preschool Teacher/ Floater so I have a different class each day. I actually work M, T,Th, and F, and have every Wednesday off. It is a wonderful church that is striving to be God's example in Education to these sweet children. I get my 40 hours a week in, in those four days, and like I said the baby will go there with me, once I am off Maternity leave. This is truly an amazing job, and it is so perfect and exactly what we needed!God is truly blessing our lives.
The Lastest:

Mood: Happy and Excited!
Cravings: ChickfilA(polynesian sauce) and fruit
Weight Gain: I think 2 pounds.
Husband:excited, supportive, and amazing!
Weeks so far: 14
Next Doctor's Visit: In about a week.
Maternity Clothes: not yet, but not far off(for comforts sake)

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to know, please tell me! I will keep you informed!
I am still blessed with a pretty smooth pregnancy, and hopefully it will stay that way!

Much Love,
Weston and Rachel

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