Sunday, March 9, 2008

Okay, I feel Pregnant!

I am working my way into week 7 onto week 8, and feeling great. I am not really getting morning sickness,necessarily, but it is more like after breakfast sickness, and if I don't keep something in my stomach sickness. It is managable, and definitely nothing to complain about. Many women have it so much worse. I feel great, energized, and ready to move to Texas! I have had no weight gain, yet, and am keeping up with a well-balanced diet. I have an appointment this Wednesday morning for my physical and hopefully an ultrasound. I will definitely let you know how that goes and if I get to see anything. I am uterly amazed at how blessed two people can be, and continue to pray for God's continued Will and healthy baby! I have no feelings of what the sex will be, and personally don't want any. I want that God given moment when they pull our baby out!

I will keep you posted!
Much Love,

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