Thursday, March 6, 2008

7 weeks at OB Registration

I had my OB registration today. Audrey was with me which was really nice company. It went very well. Basically, they took my family history, some personal health information,what to expect at certain appoinments, and scheduling my Physical. They require a pregnancy physical when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Since we will be in Texas when I am 10 weeks, the Nurse wants me to come in next week. She some how fit me in, and I am scheduled to go in next Wednesday. Starting now, at every appointment I have they listen to the baby's heartbeat. Since I am having my physical a little early, it may be harder to hear the heartbeat, so they are going to let me have an ultrasound..YAY! That will be cool. There really isn't much to see until about 18-20 weeks, but it is still exciting. Weston will be able to sneak out of work and go with me. How special. The nurse said I have a very good diet,I am in good shape, and I can still excercise as before, until about 20 weeks. I have missed my running the last 2 weeks.... I recieved a baby bag filled with coupons, formula, and other goodies. I also recieved a realy nice(mother's approved)Breast formula bag. It is good for traveling with breast milk and keeping it hot or cold. Apparently mommy's all over swear by it!I am sure it will come in handy!


Michelle Baran said...

Just heard the news, Rachel! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and Weston and miss you so much. You're going to have such a beautiful baby and be the cutest parents ever.

Love you lots,
Michelle (Baran)

Auntie Audie said...

Mommy!! I hope you are feeling good here at 8 weeks! Im getting more and more excited for you and wes. I cant wait to be an auntie of the cutest baby! I love you and miss you both dearly.. I cant wait for texas!! Kiss the babies for me and tell them auntie audie misses their hearts!!! =]

Love you both!! enjoyed my visit with ya'll and you are dang right I was good company!! haha..

Love you!!
The most amazing auntie ever!