Thursday, March 13, 2008

OB Physical

I went in yesterday for my OB Physical, and everything is normal. All my blood work came back normal, with normal levels of platelets, WBC'S, RBC'S, etc. I will be good to go during labor as far as my levels and having a safe delivery. My uterus is at the right size for 8 weeks, and I am scheduled to have a normal delivery. I did not have an unltrasound because it is about 2 weeks too early to be able to hear it on the unltrasound machine. She would have had to use other means of hearing it which was just not necessary:)I will be able to hear it in my next apointment at Ft. Hood. I am a healthy momma with nothing to report!

Much Love!


Mary Lindsey and Chris said...

Hey girl! So excited everything is going well for you! You need to do a "survey" You can copy and paste from my blog if you want to. It is great to keep everyone updated in between dr visits. Also, blog your feelings and take belly pictures! :-) You will be so glad you did. Amazingly you quickly forget about how your body feels and how big it can get! haha! Love you... when is a good time to call you?

Uncle Kev said...

Hey Rachel,

I'm so excited everything is going well. And and very excited to hear that you guys think you are going to let it be a surprise! boy or girl. I did that with mine and I thought it was a lot more fun! Take it easy on your move to Texas! Love Josie (you just thought it was Uncle Kev). P.S. You will notice that none of my children have the names the Uncle Kev is suggesting!!