Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Baby!

I wrote this a month or so ago when we first found out we were pregnant...:) I thought I would share today and will catch you up on my next post! 13 weeks along now and feeling great! Picture and Pregnancy updates to come!!

Yes, its true! We are pregnant!!!!! Baby #3 is due July 19th, 2013:) We are so excited and know how blessed we are to be given another child. Nothing makes us happier. We found out we were pregnant and called the doc to make an appt. I went in that Monday morning and got the positive from the doctor:))) There is a baby a growin'.....

We have decided to wait until 12 weeks before really telling anyone. So, until then...I am having Weston build me a board to track this pregnancy. I now need to find ways to make it my own. 7 weeks down, 31 weeks to go:))))

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