Monday, November 5, 2012

T-shirts for Monday+ It's Time to VOTE!

I hope you all had a great weekend and last week. It feels weird to not be blogging as much, but I have needed the extra time more. We had a great weekend of hanging around the house. We don't have those weekends very often, so we were pretty excited about it. Saturday was a great day for us Georgia fans! We won our game and are now 1 win from going to the SEC championship!!! Woohoo! We moved up to #5 in the country and now head to Auburn this week. After Auburn we will be 9-1. I am pretty pumped because we have a good shot at heading to the National Championship:)

I always think of this day when we play Auburn. I thought this t-shirt was pretty cute;) Our dear friends Amanda  and Brian are Auburn fans so it has always been like a "house-divided" when we are together, as they are like family. I do have to say out of all the SEC teams, other than Georgia, Auburn is one I like. They just aren't as obnoxious;), we Bulldogs are never obnoxious;) GOO Dawgs!
For those of you who like to embroider, (I am obsessed) I have a friend who has a business and she has amazing stuff! Michelle is one of my sorority sisters and she lives in Dahlonega, where we went to school. She has an amazing business, E is for Embroidery, and I highly recommend you checking out her site! She has some awesome holiday ideas, gifts, etc. She is also making this shirt and can make it in your sports team colors:

I just ordered one with red chevron and my initials:) Cannot wait to wear for the rest of our game days!
Today is a typical Monday here. I am finishing up my cleaning and making some homemade soup. My friend Hannah and her girls are coming today so that makes my Monday even better! A nice run in the park with my honey tonight and home to some hot soup will be perfect! I hope you are all ready for tomorrow!!!! It is a VERY important day in our country and it should be on everyone's priority list. If you don't vote, you can't complain! I have some voting wisdom to share tomorrow that was shared with me this weekend. Our Pastor did a phenomenal job of preaching on simply what God until tomorrow!:) Also, don't forget tomorrow is also another edition of "Turn The Page Tuesday" and I will be sharing a really great Thanksgiving book:) This week I have a post of My holiday wish list items, top rated kids toys for christmas, black friday deals, and more! So come back by....
Are you registered to vote? Are you going to the polls tomorrow?
If not, why?
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