Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something Old, Something New: Christmas Edition

There are a few small traditions we are starting this holiday season. I have a few more I would like to start but will wait until my little boys are older. This year Wyatt and I are making and stringing  Gingerbread Men for our Christmas Tree. I have always loved the "stringing popcorn/gingerbread men" look hanging on a tree. I don't think the popcorn will work so well with my almost 2 and 4 year old so we are going to try the gingerbread men. I will post a picture after we hang them this weekend.
This will be our first year baking gingerbread cookies, too:) I am taking them to a holiday party and to our family's cookie decorating before Christmas...mmmmm.

Another tradition we are going to start this Christmas season is reading the story of Jesus' birth up until Christmas Day. Growing up we always opened the bible and read the true meaning of Christmas before gifts were opened. Weston and I have carried that tradition on with our boys, but I want to take it a step further. I want my boys to really know what we celebrate. Without our Savior, we would have nothing. 

So, we are using our next new tradition as our way to bring in a little more fun and a little more Jesus. After all, it IS HIS day:) Meet our Elf, Billy Bob....

No, I had no say in his name;) My husband and 4 year old named him. Wyatt actually says,"B-Bob":) This year our little elf will not only find fun ways to move around our house, but he will bring another piece of the christmas story with him. I hope the  boys enjoy it as much as I will;)

Those are some of our new traditions, but I wanted to share some that aren't so new. Some of these we have been doing since I was little. Every year, my mom would take us to pick out a tree, (sometimes we came home with a Charlie Brown tree, too), we would get out our decorations, and the Charlie Brown Christmas album would be on in the background.  As soon as we heard the album start to play, we knew it was really Christmas time:) My mom always made a big breakfast and we sat around and opened gifts. Whether we spent it at home or with Grandparents, there was always Christmas dinner. Since I have been a part of Weston's family, we have added to the Christmas traditions. A few years ago, when we all started having kids, Weston's family started a Cookie Decorating day. This year we are headed to my sister-in-laws for cookies, and we are going to be bringing Gingerbread men. I am SOOO excited for my sisters and I to start these traditions in the coming years with our babies.....

Those are just a few of my traditions. Christmas season is my favorite time of year for sure! As much as I love making these special memories, my main focus is the birth of Jesus. Without Him, I would not have salvation and without that, I would be lost. I hope you enjoy all of your special traditions, old and new, this year. But most importantly, I hope you have accepted the most important gift: Salvation from Jesus. 

What are your family traditions? Are you starting any new ones?
Where do you spend your holiday?

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