Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Randoms and Thankfulness

Well, we had a great 4 day weekend. Veteran's Day is always special as I have many men/women in my life to celebrate. I am starting to miss blogging again, so I think the break I took was definitely worth it;) I was reminded of how much time I spend trying to "keep up" with the world and the standards of people around me. God has been showing me so much of himself and what he intended for my life. I am striving to pray daily, "God, what should I be doing for you today?" I am learning so much about my Lord and I am cherishing it.

For many years, the time change has been a dreaded day;) This year, God has really given me the desire to take advantage of waking up at 5 or 5:30 AM. I am aiming to use that quiet time to spend the early morning with my honey and get my bible study in:)

The holiday season brings up the "I am thankful fors"....on Facebook, instagram, etc. I get where people can get annoyed, and yes some people miss the real meaning of the thankfulness...I however like to look at the bright side and the fact that they are acknowledging whats important to them. For me, a lot of what I am thankful for are the people in my life. I have been so blessed. Today, however, I am thankful for my dearest friends here in Louisiana. Even before we moved here, I knew God had something special for us. I knew we would grow even more....I thank God everyday for bringing us here!! We are more settled now than we have ever been. For me, these girls are always there, they are always honest, loving, examples of Christ. Their children are such wonderful influences for my boys. I have not gone a day without hearing from at least one of them. That is so huge for me. I have been blessed with the friends in my life and I cherish all of them:) Here is the last picture we got together (which will change come Friday;)) We always get to eating, talking, "whatevering", that we forget to take pictures;)
Jenn being Jenn;), Hannah, Kristen, and Shaina
Missing Kayla

I have many more people I am thankful for, so heres to a few more "thankful for" posts;)
I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I made some homemade recipes this weekend and I am looking forward to sharing them.....stay tuned! I am also getting together my "Christmas Wish List." I have so many wonderful holiday things coming up!! I cannot wait!:)

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