Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turn The Page Tuesday Week 7+Melissa and Doug Giveaway!

I know I have been gone a couple days but we had our best friends Amanda and Brian here! We had an absolute blast and picked up right where we left off! But, we will get to the weekend later this week:) I have lots of pictures to share....it deserves a post of its own! I finally found some yummy coffee creamers last week! I ended up coming home with 4:/ I clearly am indecisive when it comes to choosing between a yummy treat! I ended up with Salted Caramel Mocha and Pumpkin Spice!! mmm!!!! Both are equally yummy so I highly recommend them! I also made a new pumpkin spice muffin this past weekend and it had a surprising ingredient! It is a must share so I will post that one later this week! It has already been a busy week and will be all week...cant complain because thats how I like it.
Amanda and I always enjoyed watching Grey's and Private Practice together...among others. When our husbands were deployed we got spoiled to having each other to watch it together, and even when we moved apart we would sometimes Skype and still watch it together. This past week she was here and we were able to watch it together! It was a lot of fun, just like the old days, but boy was that an intense episode!! I am so annoyed that they never say what actually happened to Mark!;) Maybe this week?:) The shows this fall are so intense..they must bee really trying to bring in more viewers!
Now onto another edition of Turn The Page Tuesday!!

My book choice for this week is one my son Wyatt just received in the mail! His 4th birthday is on Sunday and my best friend Elizabeth sent him this awesome Halloween pop-up book...he loves it!

Silly Ghosts
By:Janet Lawler

The Spooky Ghosts pop up at night. What is it that they want? Is it to haunt, eat candy, play games? Read along and find out what the ghosts come out to do!!! 
I like this books because it isn't really scary and is perfect for little ones! The best part are the illustrations and pages. It has bright colors and big pop ups! The best page is the last page so have a blast reading to the end!!!

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as we are! One thing I am doing today is ordering birthday gifts for my sweet baby! He turns 4 on Sunday:( Where has the time gone???! I can't believe it. We aren't celebrating his birthday until next weekend but we have a special day planned on Sunday! Has anyone seen "Hotel Transylvania?" I have been dying to take him to see it! Im not usually a fan off those types of movies but it looks like they did a good job of making it kid friendly!

On another note, one our "TTPT" readers is hosting a giveaway!!! Head over to Trainy Brainy Blog and enter to win a Melissa and Doug Puzzle book!!!

Have you found any new fall treats? Have you read any of our "TTPT" books?
What are some of your birthday ideas for kids?

Okay, time to pick and book and link up!!!! See you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!:)

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Amanda Gulden said...

I miss you too!

Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family said...

What do you mean they didn't say what happened to Mark? Pretty sure they did 2 weeks ago?

Rachel Layfield said...

They show that he slowly dies but at the beginning of last week he was fine and then started going down hill..I didn't remember them saying what exactly happened...but do tell:)