Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Turn The Page Tuesday Week 6

Phew. Yesterday was a crazy day and today is the same. Ive had so many little things to do and they are taking up my entire day. It has been so beautiful outside so the boys and I have taken full advantage. I finally got my garden planted and ready to go. I decided on broccoli, lettuce, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, jalapeƱos, and more herbs. Yep, lots of GREEN!!! Although my spring garden didn't produce like I had hoped it would, I learned a lot and am back for Fall!:) We shall see how this one does...I will do a garden post soon!:)

It is Tuesday again and time for another edition of Turn The Page Tuesday!!!! If you want to know more about our link up party and how to tag along, just click the link above. Now onto my book choice for this week:

I just got this book for Wyatt a few weeks ago and it is adorable! We don't really celebrate Halloween but there are thing about it I enjoy:) This book, like all Mickey books, has such great pictures and bright colors! 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse presents
Haunted Clubhouse

Its time again for Mickey's annual Halloween party! Everyone is coming to the costume party. Mickey and Minnie are setting up, Daisy is bringing cookies, Claribelle is making a yummy halloween drink, and Donald is too busy watching. Just before the guests arrive, Donald realizes he doesn't have a consume!! You know what happens next...."Oh, Toodles!" Go get this book to see all the clubhouse characters' costumes and if Donald finds his!


Okay so I promise tomorrow will be recipe day!:) I have a few I need to add so get ready for some good eatin';) Time to Link Up!!!

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