Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap+Monday Things

It's Monday I hate how fast the weekend goes by. I hope you had a great one! We had our first whole weekend at home, with no big plans. I have to say it was very nice. We had family in town which gave us more reason to chill and relax. Wyatt had his first soccer game on Saturday and it was so sweet! My husband and I are co-coaching so that has been fun! We actually have some good little players on our team. One of 3 year olds scored 5 goals;) Wyatt scored his first one!!! We were a little excited. I just happened to turn on my camera for a few seconds to catch him playing, and I caught his first goal on video;) I look forward to his next few games to see what he does and how he grows.

Today is my cleaning and organizing day. I love having this day to clean. It starts my week off right and I have nothing to worry about the rest of the week! It is also time to start planning Wyatt's 4th birthday! I have so much to do as this is going to be a Super hero party;) I have to order announcements, invites, decide between two venues, make super hero capes, etc....phew. I do LOVE this part of being a mom. I love making their birthday parties fun and personal!

What do you do for your kids birthdays?


On another note, I made a delicious Steak Taco Salad this weekend and it was so yummy! I will be sharing that recipe this week, along with a couple more! And don't forget that tomorrow is Turn The Page Tuesday!!!! 

This week is the Berenstein Bears 50th Anniversary so Amanda and I will be sharing our favorite books by them! We are love BB and have lots of them in our house and car! So feel free to share you favorite BB book, or just join in with another book of your choice! Looking forward to having some more people join our party!:) Have a great Monday and come link up tomorrow!
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FitMindedMom said...

I just love watching the little ones play soccer, they are so cute!!!

I also use Monday as my cleaning/organizing day but I still end up having plenty to do throughout the rest of the week. I only thought it was harder to clean when my kids were little. Now at 7 & 4, they REALLY know how to make messes!!

Rachel Layfield said...

I know, it is so fun! I hear ya on the cleaning! It is definitely a constant mess:)