Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Madness+Zoo Zoom Recap

Happy Monday!! I can't believe the weekend is already over:( But, it is one day closer to this weekend and I cannot wait! We have had our football countdown on our laptop for 2 months now;) Yes, we get a little excited! Its gonna be a fun-FILLED weekend and I can't what to share the fun and yummy recipes with you.

Today is my day to clean, make grocery and errand lists, fall decor planning, food planning for football, and get dinner ready for my brother in law to come visit! Ok, technically he's not "officially" my BIL YET;) Harrison has been in California all summer doing an internship. He decided to stop and stay a few days on his way back to Georgia. His timing was perfect because Weston left this morning for Ft. Bragg. He comes back on Thursday and Harrison leaves on Thursday. For those of you who know me, know I don't like being alone so I am thankful for the company!!

My Sisty and Harrison:)

We had a great weekend in Baton Rouge!! Our race was a lot of fun! If you live in the BR area, I highly recommend this race next year. It was organized and set up very well. We ran all through the zoo and as we came around to the finish line, they had coolers set up with different flavors of powerade and snacks. My sweetie was kind enough to run with me, encouraged me the whole time, and did a great job running at "my pace." Weston is 6'4 so needless to say his strides are a tad bigger than mine;) We ran the 5k in 30 minutes and I beat my time by 6 minutes! I was happy I finished it without stopping or feeling out of breath;) Most of all, I enjoyed that time with Weston. I love having his full attention and being able to talk!

We have some more 5K races coming up this fall! I am also thinking of running my first half marathon in February:/ I've never been much of a runner, but my friends are running this one and have made it sound "fun":) As fun as running that long can be;) So...wish me luck? We will be running the 
New Orleans Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon!! If nothing else its a trip to New Orleans, right?;)

I hope you all have an awesome and blessed Monday! I have some new recipes this week, and don't forget "Turn The Page Tuesday" launches tomorrow, so get your books ready!!!!!!!

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