Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th!

I hope you all had a fun but safe holiday! We had a great day. As far as Weston working goes, we hit the jackpot on how Ft. Polk has given time off! Weston got his 4-day last weekend, he was off yesterday and today, and only works until 12 tomorrow!! SCORE;) We have really enjoyed our extra time with him this week. Our summer has been awesome, too. His battalion has really been great when it comes to giving block leaves and days off. We are really blessed. 

Speaking of our battalion, yesterday was Freedom Fest at Fort Polk. We usually don't go because of crowds and heat;) However, yesterday I was setting up and helping with our Battalions, the 519th MP Battalions, game tent! All of the FRG's set up tents prior to the concert and fair which gave the kids something to do before it all got kicked off. I have some wonderful spouses...even better that they are friends:) 

We got home a little after dinner (the boys bedtime:/) so I whipped up some Pizza Puffs and fresh veggies from our local farmers market and then we hit the fireworks in our backyard! I will say that is another great thing about living on 6 acres. We can shoot them off without disturbing anyone;) Wyatt had a blast with Ava and Lila!

Another busy week..well, they are all that way now;) But, I love it! Mom will be here next week, and my Dad come again for his 3-day next weekend. LOTS more family time! Thank you, Lord!!!! Weston just said yesterday, we are seeing our family more than if we lived back home in Ga! Ill take it:)

Here is just a random picture...this is the Okra I picked up from our local market. it was HUGE and delicious:)
Have a blessed Thursday!

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