Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, Monday

It's Monday again, and we are coming off of another amazing weekend! We went down to Pensacola Beach for the 4-day and were able to visit my Dad and his fiancé Teresa. We also spent the day Sunday with my Mom and Stepdad. We had a blast and of course more time on the beach, I am never going to complain!;) We ate LOTS of fresh seafood and I have jumped on the Shashimi band wagon! For those of you who have never tried's amazing!!! My dad lives about 2miles from a fish market called Joe Patti's. I've never seen a seafood market like this! So every time we come to visit my dad we have to stock up. My favorite thing from there is the squid salad. It's unlike anything I've ever had. I highly recommend stopping in if you are ever in Pensacola! We were also able to talk my stepdad Doug into letting us keep my little sisters longer!!:) We are happy to have them as long as we can...they are the best extra set of hands when you have two little ones. This also means my mom gets to come back out in a week to spend more time with us...SCORE:) It's been a busy summer and there is so much more to come. We are LOVING life and I am thankful today for where we are, our wonderful family and the amazing home we now have in Louisiana! It's all because of HIM! I am also looking forward to Foodie Pen pals next month...I've missed it! Have a blessed Monday- Picture posts to come this week RL

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