Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homemade Pizza Night

We got home from the beach yesterday afternoon, and after stopping at our Whole Foods, I decided to pick up something fresh, yet easy, for dinner! With my little sisters being with us, I decided to make a kid-friendly, "with benefits" homemade pizza:) Let me just say if you have a Whole Foods Market, I highly recommend stopping by the refrigerated section and picking up your ingredients of choice! Here is what we chose:

Fresh Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
 Applegate Pepperoni
Cheese Pizza Blend Cheese
Whole Foods Pizza Sauce

Weston and Ava were our pizza chefs;)
Funny Face:)
Love them!

It was even more delicious than it looks! We have a busy week this week, but I will post tomorrow on some Whole Food goodies:)

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