Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Layfield Farm+Chickens and Ducks

Well, life here at "Layfield Farm" has been fun! We are really enjoying having the Chickens and Ducks! The boys are so fascinated by them, and it has definitely been a huge teaching opportunity in more ways than one! Not only have they seen them grow and change, but we have lost a couple which has lead to talks about Jesus, Heaven, Hell, etc. We now have 3 chicks and 2 ducks in the cage, and will be moved to the coop in another week or so! We also picked up 3 new baby chicks last weekend so they are still under the heat lamp in the "chick box!" We have 2 Light Brahmas, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1 Red Sex Link, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 Brown Leghorn:) We also have the 2 ducks, and we shall see what they turn out to be! Below is a picture of them when we first got them:

And Now:

Here are the older 3 chicks when we first picked the up:

And Now:

Here are the 3 new babies:)

They grow so fast! i am looking forward to moving the big ones in with the ducks. We keep the ducks in the coop during the day now, and some nights as long as it stays warm enough. Unfortunately, last week my son Wyatt wanted to go "check on" the 2 chickens in the coop (our very first ones) and accidentally let them out. Our dogs got a hold of them and killed them. I was pretty upset, more because I have put so much time into them and keeping them safe- Safe from predators like snakes and small animals, and little did I know our 3 year old can open the
latches:( Again, another teaching moment, and now he understands how nature plays out and not to go check on them without Momma!!:) We are back on track and looking forward to about three more weeks and all chickens and ducks will be in the coop for good!!:)
On a happier note, tomorrow is the LAST day to enter your comment for a chance to win the GIVEAWAY!!!! I just received my pack of cards in the mail last week, and TRUST me, you want some of these cards for your collection!!! Winner will be announced this Thursday!!!:) Good luck!

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