Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!!

FINALLY!! I have been so excited about "Foodie Pen Pals"!!!!! If you haven't joined in, DO IT!!:) It is so much fun and I have already met some really neat ladies with really neat blogs!! Once you send in your info to Lindsay over at "The Lean Green Bean" and she will pair you up with another blogger! Once you have received your pairing, you have about a week to contact that person, swap info, likes/dislikes, allergies, etc. Then, it's time to SHOP:) There is a $15 limit and once you finish shopping, you mail out you goodies and wait (anxiously;)) to receive yours!!! There are a few more details, but all of that is explained in the email you receive after pairing! Yes..its fun!:)

I was paired up with Miriam over at "Bellaspire" . I love her blog and she is so sweet! She did an awesome job with my package!!! Without knowing she shopped at two of my favorite places- Whole Foods and World Market! BINGO;)

When I first received the package, I opened the card she sent and I was so impressed with her attention to detail:
So cute, right?!?!;) Loved it.

Here are the YUMMY goodies, which have all been consumed for the most part, already;)...
We LOVE Annie's snacks, and always have Emergen-C:) She nailed it! Wyatt Loved the Fruit strips!
Prefect for my Honey's lunchbox!
The Whole Foods BBQ Seasoning is delicious! We loved the coffee; it was a big hit when my sister was in town;)
I am now hooked on Balance Bars and good thing I am because I also won Miriam's blog giveaway!!!! I am so excited!!! Go to "Bellaspire" to see what I won! THANK YOU MIRIAM for starting me off right and really setting the bar high for my first Pen Pal exchange! Look for Miriam's guest post coming soon!!!!!
The Lean Green Bean

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!!! I will be posting my giveaway next week, so keep reading!!:)


Lindsay said...

i've heard good things about those balance bars. gotta try one!!

Rachel Layfield said...

Yes, they are delicious! Thanks for reading my blog:)