Monday, February 13, 2012

Traditional Love Story..With a twist of God!

I saw this on a friends blog and loved the idea! It is Valentine's Day after all:) The Day of LOVE.....So, I thought I would share our love story with you. I can take a few minutes to reminisce.....
Weston and I met in the Summer of 2001 at our church's annual beach trip. We were at Panama City Beach where we had gone many times before. Weston and I had known of each other for some time, just never really crossed paths or gave much thought to each other. He was in a different "group" than I was and until this beach trip, we had never spoken. We had been at the beach a couple of days when I noticed this guy following me around and glancing my way;) After a couple days, he came up to me and my friends at dinner and sat down. He started right in on his cute little jokes and immediately I LOVED his personality. He was confident, determined, funny, smart, yet tender, compassionate, and romantic. I was a little thrown off as to why he was sitting at our table, and who he was sitting there for...couldn't be me? Well, yes, it was. The next day we had sand fights at the beach (yes sand fights..we were 15 after all:)) with our friends Lauren and Mark. I remember it like it was yesterday. I instantly liked him and wondered if he liked me too. The rest of the week he stayed with me. We ate together, worshiped together, hung out at the beach, and had a blast. I remember being so excited to walk out of bible study, or out of my room, with pure anticipation of seeing "HIM".
The final day of our trip came, and as we were leaving breakfast Weston said, "I bet I can hold candy in my mouth longer than you can chew gum." "Okay"? I said. That would entail us having to sit together on the bus for the 6 hour ride home. I wasn't going to argue, and little did I know, that was his plot all along!;) He was a clever little thing...well, 6'4 thing. That was the best ride home ever. After that, we were inseparable! We had a few weeks of summer left so we saw each other at church a few times a week, and then school time came. Weston and I went to different high schools, so we wouldn't cross paths anywhere but at church. Looking back, there is nothing I can do but give God the credit for his beautiful plan.
When I got home from my first day of 10th grade, Weston called and asked me "to be his girlfriend!" Deep down I was terrified-he was popular, outgoing, the guy other girls wanted, and completely opposite of me. He made me nervous:) I was/am still weak in the knees when he comes into the room. Our first date was to the Varisty and the Georgia Dome where Dacula High School was playing the High School Football opening game. We went with our friend Mark, and my future Mother in Law:) Not only did I fall in love with Weston, but I loved his Mom from day one. There isn't a sweeter woman, and boy did she do a good job raising a sweet, affectionate, romantic, respectful boy. I enjoyed my time with her as much as I did with Weston. She was always driving us around, taking us to so many amazing places, and was always willing to drive us home before curfew. She never said no to going somewhere for us.
High school was a blast, and we have so many amazing memories. Trips to the beach, church activities, Homecoming, Prom, football games on Friday nights, off-roading with friends, and so so much more! We were CRAZY about each other. We are both Christians and decided from day one to remain physically pure until we were married. We strived to do God's will and wanted to please him in the choices we made. Junior year of HS, my family moved to Dacula, and Weston and I were able to ride to school together and enjoy the best part of HS at the same school! We prepared for college, and once again, we were at different schools. Although only about 30 minutes apart, Weston was a cadet at NGCSU and I was at a private Baptist college. For those of you who went to college, you can imagine how different of lives we were living. We continued dating the first semester of college, and broke up for about 5 months. During that time, God grew us, and shaped us into who he wanted us to be for HIM. That was one thing I never grasped was "what does GOD have planned for me", not just "what do I have planned for ME"?
We didn't even speak during those few months, and I will never forget exactly where I was and what I was doing when he called me for the first time in 5 months!:) It was like we never broke up and I had butterflies like you wouldn't believe. Weston had just left to hike the Appalacian Trail in Maine so I wasn't expecting to see him for about 6 months. He hiked about 2 weeks, and on the highest point of a mountain he met with God and got the things he had been searching for:) He hiked as fast as he could to the next town, hitch-hiked with two different families, and made it back to ATL in time for us a to take a Sanibel trip-last minute. Little did I know, he was buying a ring and planning our engagement!
We went to Sanibel, and on June 26, 2005 as we walked down our perfect beach, he took me to a private board walk and got down on one knee...10 years later, here we are! 5 years of a BEAUTIFUL marriage and 2 precious sons later! God is given the glory EVERY day for EVERY bit of our lives.
Happy Valentine's Day! Would love to read your story:)

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The two of you are such a fabulous couple! I was really inspired by your love story. :') God bless the both of you.