Thursday, January 5, 2012

Steel Magnolias

We have begun the start of many adventures here in Louisiana. We have been to Alexandria, Lake Charles, New Orleans, and a couple smaller towns. As much as I love New Orleans, this recent trip may be one of my favorites. We took my mother in law, Jane, to Natchitoches as her Christmas present. We had a blast:) It is a beautiful, historic, southern town with tons to do and delicious food! That is all great, but the main reason for going was "Steel Magnolias." I LOVE that movie and this is the town where it was filmed. Amazingly enough, it still looked the same-it was as though I was living in the movie:) We got the tour map for the movie scenes, and started out! It was a beautiful, what felt like spring, day! We walked to lunch-ate at a delicious Cajun restaurant, did a little shopping, and drove to other scene spots. it was a wonderful family day, and a place we will be going back to. They have one of the biggest Christmas light displays in December, a huge Christmas festival, civil war re-enactments, and much more!

The One and only:)

The backyard-Scene of "Day of the wedding"

Ousier's House

The Cemetery where "Shelby" is buried

The hospital where the baby is born in the movie

Jane and I

Another Cemetery shot

This is posted in the cemetery by the scene site

Truvy's church

A beautiful drive

Mama's Oyster House

Wyatt throwing coins in the fountain

The oldest house-built without a single nail. Only clay and mud
If you are ever in Louisiana, or just passing through, this beautiful town is definitely worth your while...I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a wonderful first weekend in 2012!

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