Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookies for Santa

We had our good friends over yesterday so the kids could make "Cookies for Santa!" They had a blast. We went to story time at the library first and then came back and let the festivities commence:) I made cooki dough a couple days before, so Madeline and Wyatt rolled out their dough, cut their cookie shapes, we baked them, and they got ot decorate them! It was so much fun to do this with them. This is the first year Wyatt is old enough to really know what Christmas is and he LOVES it as much as I do! We spend each day watching Christmas movies, listening to music, decorating, talking about Jesus, etc..I am so excited he is old enough!!! Here are some pictures from our day:

There is nothing like spending Christmas with a child..your own child is even better!

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