Friday, June 17, 2011

All laughs:)

Elias has started really laughing now; at 5 months! He has been chuckling and trying to figure out how to get a laugh out for a while now;) Wyatt has also had us laughing a few times..Here are some of his funnies...

1. He throws the phrase, "That's a joke" as an answer to anything he doesn't like.

2. He also laughs at me and says, "phh, mom, that's funny!"

3. "Mom, I like that, no! (He is trying to tell me he doesn't like it, so he can get out of eating it)

There are more, but those are the most recent. We just had my dear friend, Elizabeth in town for a week, and we had a blast! I will blog later with pictures and the lastest!Just thought I would blog this really quick!;)
Love, RL

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