Saturday, March 12, 2011

Precious Memories

Today was a beautiful Saturday! We started the day with a good run at Scott and White's Annual St. Patrick's Day 1K/5K/10K. It was nice to start the day with some good excercise. We actually walked a trail that we go to a lot! It was a beautiful morning! Afterwards, we had a good breakfast and then went home and all piled in our bed and spent some sweet, sweet time together as a family. We had both the boys in the bed and we sat and laughed with Wyatt as he entertained us:) Today was one of those days I dream about about all week! I LOVE our weekends!!!

As much as I am going to miss Texas, I am really looking forward to all the outdoor activities we are going to do as a family! We love to hike, and I have heard there are really pretty areas to go. There is also a lake, the zoo, and a few other things we want to experience while being "up north" ;)

Tomorrow is church and then some fun in the sun!

Thankful for these quiet times in life...

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