Monday, October 11, 2010


I just L.O.V.E. my mornings. Especially today because Weston is home! We had a 4-day weekend! WOO! I am usually up about an hour before Wyatt gets up. My mornings include: breakfast, coffee, time to check email, watch the news, and do my bible study...well, start it at least;) I love my alone time!

Well, it is Monday, again. We had a very relaxing weekend at home. Literally did nothing but stuff around the house. Which was needed. I finished my book, started another, we built fires in the fire place, watched sports(of course), movies, etc..It really awakened me to the fact that we go go go all the time, and we need to take more time to be together at home - enjoy the family time. We were planning on camping but Wyatt was a little under the weather yesterday, and with our cool evenings, we decided not to take him out:( So, rain check on that!!:)

Today we are headed to the lake! We'll do a little picnic, a little fishing, laying in the sun...GOOD DAY!! I am really learning to appreciate these times. They are the times that matters most!

I am feeling great - 22 weeks pregnant, and those who know me, know how MUCH I love it!!! There is truly nothing more enjoyable and precious!

It is a busy week this week~! My baby turns 2! We are having a birthday party for him this weekend..Mickey Mouse, of course. I can't wait to see him surrounded by "Da"..AKA Mickey Mouse.

Weston's birthday is next week, and I have a big birthday surprise for him!!! It can be hard for me somtimes to come up with good gifts he will really like, that he didn't tell me to get. I am excited to see his face, as well! I will be wife of the year..if I am not already:)

Okay, gotta run...boys need breakfast!

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