Thursday, August 26, 2010

I made it to Scott and White!!!

Well, I have been in the process, once again, of transferring from the Army hospital to Scott and White, here in Temple. I actually read yesterday that it is in the top 100 best hopsitals in the nation! Anyways, I also had Wyatt there and loved the hospital, so I transfered again. I had my first Dr. appt. yesterday with them, and everything is still on track! I am into my 15th week of pregnancy, and everything looks good! I had a very nice doctor yesterday who has been delivering babies for 25+years. She actually said she was surprised they let me attempt delivery for so long with Wyatt, because the way I am built "down there" almost makes it impossible. She said unless I had a really small baby...which we all know won't happen with Weston's genes. On top of that, Wyatt has a big head, so it makes sense:) I go back on Sept. 20th for my scheduled checkup and then on the 22nd we have our ultrasound! I will update again this weekend after the MP Ball, and defintely will after those apppointments!

Happy Thursday,

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