Monday, August 2, 2010

Grandpa Sis

Well, the time has come for my Grandpa to stop taking his Dialysis treatments. He has been beyond a trooper! I wish I had enough time to tell you all the things he has accomplished in his life. He is one of the most incredible men I know. He joined the Army at a very young age, served for 30+ years (Active Duty and at the Pentagon), raised 10 children on his own, helped invent the MRE, had 30 grandchildren, and so much more. He has also been through a lot in the later part of his life. He suffered from a brain tumor about 10 years ago, one that we thought would then take his life, but he won that fight with flying colors. He recently had his right leg amputated, and got right up and started life back with one leg. Recently, however, the bowts of pneumonia and rounds of dialysis have just worn his body out. The family decided last week that it wasn't fair to him to keep putting him through the continuous cycle of dialysis treatment turn pneumonia. I tell you, I can't imagine how hard it must be to make those decisions about your parent, but I am thankful my family has his best interest at heart. It must be incredibly hard to not be selfish at a time like this.

Despite all of this, JESUS is in control. Thank him that Grandpa knows his salvation is true, and he is heading to meet Grandma in heaven! Grandpa Sis has had a full, blessed life! BUt no matter what, we all should know without any doubt where we will be at the end of our time here on earth. The only thing that matters is that we have a realtionship with God. "He is the way, the truth, and the one comes to the father except through him." Do we admit we are sinners, believe that Jesus is God's son, and accept him as our Lord and Saviour. Nothing else matters. So, Do you know Jesus intimately? Is He your Saviour?

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have prayed for him. My mom said he has said confidently the whole way through that he felt the prayers that everyone lifted up. How powerful prayer is!! Keep them coming!


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Rachael said...

Rachel, I have been thinking about your whole family so much this week. Losing a grandparent is so tough, but I know you are talking comfort in the arms of Jesus. There are so many people that love you guys, we are all liftin g you up in prayer daily.